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It's no secret, television is evolving. With the growth of ad-supported streaming, consumers can watch more content in more ways than ever. But with greater choice comes greater audience fragmentation across the myriad of content publishers, distributors and devices. How can content providers evolve and scale their audiences? How are marketers using data to effectively plan and optimize their campaigns? Join as experts from across the ecosystem share how the industry has advanced and where it's going next.

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  1. Use first-party, deterministic TV data to understand viewership behavior
  2. Leverage identity resolution to bridge the gap between TV and digital
  3. Activate linear TV audiences on CTV and digital to drive incremental impact

Presented with


Dan Vincent VP, Media Director, Investments Mediahub
Frans Vermeulen Vice President of Market Development, Media & Entertainment Vertical TransUion
Joseph Lerner Senior Director of Sales XUMO
Walt Horstman SVP/GM Advanced Media & Advertising‚Äč TiVo

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