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At the heart of every TikTok is sound — from today's top hits, to ASMR, voiceovers, and more! Sound on TikTok serves as a canvas for brands to create trends, drive action and tell more immersive stories that resonate with audiences.

Sofia Hernandez, TikTok's Head of North America Business Marketing, will host a masterclass on the ways in which sound can change and elevate your brand story with a very special musical guest. We'll also share new research that examines the different types of audio on TikTok and how it drives key metrics such as ad recall, brand attitude, attention, emotional response, and purchase intent. View Less

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  1. From sending classic hits back up the charts to launching the careers of emerging artists, TikTok has become the new music hype machine.
  2. Learn how TikTok creators are helping brands maximize sound to drive results and inspire culture.
  3. Sound on TikTok inspires engagement, collaboration, and trends.

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Shuba Artist
Sofia Hernandez Head of NA Business Marketing, TikTok TikTok

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