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Learn how the new global Listen Campaign, with the most recognized brands, are leveraging the power of NFTs to maximize the return from supporting a cause, helping the world’s 1 billion-plus vulnerable children.

Created by Tony Hollingsworth, producer of nine of the largest broadcast events in history, including Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday, reaching 600 million, the multi-platform Listen Campaign is auctioning NFTs of performances by 200 stars from his iconic events, and new NFTs from 160 stars and artists.

The Listen Campaign is a multi-media annual and global communications platform offering brands a 400% ROI, doubling the exposure given to the solutions offered by the world’s best children’s charity projects and involving 160 major stars of music, film and the arts each year. Listen has added NFTs to its powerful assembly of broadcast, streaming, TV series, specials, news, social media and promotions —to get the world to listen to the problems 1 billion children face and the proven solutions. The campaign’s marquee moment will be a global broadcast event on June 25th from the L.A. Coliseum (and on ABC from 8-11pm, plus streaming. Sponsors packages provide over 400% ROI from media, content, artists images, rights, hospitality, and ways to integrate brands with authenticity and purpose. View Less

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  1. Brands getting 400% ROI on their cause-related marketing now benefit further through NFTs added to Listen’s new annual and global media campaign for 1 billion vulnerable and disadvantaged children.
  2. Listen’s 400% ROI for Brands Cause Related Marketing increased by NFTs
  3. Authentic and Integrated Cause Related Marketing Helping 1 billion children in need

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Tony Hollingsworth CEO Listen Campaign
Robert Apatoff Executive Director Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute

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