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Consumers watch what they want, when they want, which has led to a rise in OTT and other platform options. So how are networks creating content for an evolving audience? Is content platform-specific? Data is the key to unlocking what talent works best on what platform.

Today’s data-driven environment is complex, and that extends to maximizing success by platform. Some rules apply across all great shows: compelling characters, strong narrative arcs and great talent. Within the premium video space, differences between networks exist, where one show will resonate on one network and not on another. That is where brand-level tweaking enters.

Outside of premium video, a different set of attributes are required according to the platform. Individual talent needs to speak differently on Twitter versus Facebook versus Instagram. Radha Subramanyam, President and Chief Research and Analytics Officer at CBS Corporation, shares how she and her team use data to inform what works best on a variety of platforms.

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  1. How networks are creating content for an evolving audience.
  2. Learn which attributes are required for various platforms.
  3. Understand why content is platform-specific.

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Radha Subramanyam Chief Research and Analytics Officer, President CBS Corporation; CBS Vision
Brian Steinberg Sr. TV Editor Variety

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