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Every day, TikTokers turn to the #ForYouPage not only for the best in mobile entertainment but also to connect with their communities. Whatever their passion, interest, lifestyle, or identity, our endlessly diverse audience has created a #CommunityTok for that. What opportunities do #CommunityToks present brands? What are some best practices for authentically joining these conversations? Join TikTok’s Todd Triplett in conversation with creators José Rolón and Teffi Pessoa and learn about the #CommunityTok phenomenon.

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  1. While TikTok has emerged as the next-generation entertainment platform, the experience goes beyond entertainment, with TikTokers building real community
  2. TikTok is home to thousands of communities for every passion, interest, lifestyle, and identity for brands to connect with
  3. TikTok is the only place brands can be part of the culture at the source and the best place to access CommunityToks and affinity groups at scale.

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Todd Triplett Group Creative Strategic Director - TikTok Creative Lab TikTok

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