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Given the increase in conversation around privacy controls, contextual targeting is experiencing a true renaissance. Condé Nast is no stranger to this approach, as the company has been an expert in the subject for decades, leveraging it as a point of differentiation rather than a back-up plan. What does contextual targeting look like now and what can it look like as we move into the future?

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  1. A contextual strategy, when layered with first-party data and innovation, is an opportunity for brands to thrive and connect with fickle consumers.
  2. Engaging consumers at their peak point of interest is what ultimately makes ads more likely to be perceived as useful, rather than simply ignored.
  3. Consumers are hungry for content, but content that is premium and credible. Aligning with anything else, especially in an era of “fake news” is counterproductive. Ads need a similar filter.

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Marc Toulemonde Chief Digital & Marketing Officer L’Oréal USA
Pamela Drucker Mann Global Chief Revenue Officer & President, U.S. Revenue Condé Nast
David Cohen Chief Executive Officer IAB

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