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Traditional media measurement sourced by panel-driven approaches can be outdated, and unable to support emerging consumer trends or devices. With consumer behaviors rapidly changing and the surge in consumer attention within new platforms including CTV, Digital Audio and walled gardens, the need for evolution in the brand measurement space has never been greater. This panel will discuss the new ways to move beyond traditional panel methods for more effective and scalable brand measurement for agencies and brands.

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  1. Panels are the past - Panel based measurement has become insufficient for measuring a fragmented media environment where audience scale is dispersed across endless content, publishers and platforms.
  2. Measurement is evolving - As evidenced by recent changes in traditional measurement methodologies and new providers media measurement is evolving rapidly.
  3. Ad effectiveness vs Audience - When looking at outcomes measurement, vs. audience measurement, certain techniques may be more appropriate for one compared to the other.
  4. Measurement’s response to fragmentation - Modern media measurement must be built to embrace fragmentation, not pretend that it doesn't exist or attempt to control it. Only then will brands and agencies have a full understanding of their audience, consume

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Rob Cukierman GM, Measurement & Product Partnerships LoopMe
Patience Haggin Reporter The Wall Street Journal
Andrea Zapata Head of Research, Data and Insights WarnerMedia
Ron Amram Sr. Director, Global Media Mars

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