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Learn how Fan.AI is leveraging TiVo’s broadcast TV data to enhance their measurement capabilities and offer brands 360-degree coverage of their premium sports sponsorships, from evaluating NFL sponsorships and beyond.

Live Sports dominate TV programming, with advertising and brand sponsorships equating to billions of marketing dollars every year. However, attributing the true effectiveness of this investment has historically been a blind spot for marketers. Learn how Pepsi and its measurement partners at FanAI, are leveraging broadcast TV data to achieve 360-degree coverage of their premium sports investments in the U.S. with a case study quantifying the valuation on their NFL sponsorships. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Leverage deterministic TV data to understand viewership behaviors
  2. Understanding consumer perceptions by unifying linear and digital
  3. How to measure the ROI of sports sponsorships with attribution powered by linear TV data

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Adam Holt Senior Vice President, Sales FanAI
Fariba Zamaniyan Vice President, TV Data and Monetization Sales​ TiVo
Kate Brady Head of Media Innovation & Partnership Development PepsiCo

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