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Inspired by the likes of TRON and The Matrix, is primed to become the sport of the Metaverse - blending the athleticism of traditional competition with the limitless possibilities of the digital world.

And, with the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate IP into its custom games, is also creating an innovative way for brands to engage with gaming and sports fans.

During this 1:1 interview, CEO and Co-Founder Chris Olimpo will discuss what opportunities are available to brands in the convergence of physical and digital gaming. He'll share how they should think about the Metaverse and how universes and competitions can extend beyond the headset.
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  1. What it takes to develop the sport of the future and the role that audiences play throughout that process.
  2. How emerging gaming platforms can blend innovation and customization to help brands elevate their IP, values and audience affinity.
  3. What the future holds for XR and the opportunities it can create for gamers and fans, publishers and brands.

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Chris Olimpo CEO and Co-Founder Arcadia
Master Tesfatsion Senior Writer & On-Air Talent Bleacher Report

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