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The advertising and gaming industries, including the MRC and the IAB, are leveling up with the re-introduction of in-game advertising. In this session, Frameplay CEO Jonathon Troughton will walk brands through how they can authentically resonate with gamers while having significant brand lift, purchase intent, and measurability.

Welcome to the first Master Class on in-game advertising after the release of the new IAB Gaming & Esports Advertising Framework. In this course, we’ll re-introduce the evolved concept of in-game advertising and prove that reaching a significant, global audience with tremendous purchasing power really is all fun and games! Your course instructor will be Jonathon Troughton, avid gamer and CEO of Frameplay, the leading intrinsic in-game advertising firm. Jon will provide the gamer- and studio-perspectives on properly executing advertising in games and discuss how the newly recognized “intrinsic” ad context is fundamentally changing and enhancing the gaming experience. Advertisers and brands will learn what is needed to authentically resonate with gamers, resulting in increased proven brand awareness and ultimately, purchase intent. Game on! View Less

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  1. Understand what it truly means to be “in-game” and how to effectively reach an audience consisting of 3 billion people
  2. Effectively evaluate in-game advertising opportunities based on considerations that are enjoyable for the gamer
  3. Develop a contextual media buy framework that is measurable in a post-IDFA and post-cookie world

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Jonathon Troughton CEO and Founder Frameplay

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