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Audacy welcomes you to our stage to celebrate the power of audio through the lens of creators who deliver engaging content and experiences every day. Hear from creators from broadcast, streaming, and podcasting and learn how they are producing content, authentically bringing brands to life, and uniquely connecting and engaging with their community of listeners. We’ll bring it full circle and showcase best practices for fully integrated, cross-channel audio campaigns that deliver measurable results for brands.

Stories have the power to move people beyond imagination because our brains are actually wired to react to stores through speech. Spoken word induces a cocktail of dopamine, cortisol, and oxytocin that engages, entertains, engenders empathy, and imprints a deep memory in the listener.

IT'S WHY AUDIO IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY OTHER MEDIUM. The magic is that human-to-human experience that can make you laugh, cry, trust, and yes, even buy products.

At Audacy we've been forming deep bonds with listeners for over 50 years - it's our legacy. We are unapologetically audio and are committed to the most engaging, highest quality content and experiences.

In our session, we bring creators together - across broadcast, streaming, and podcasting - to share how they are building content, authentically bringing brands to life, and uniquely connecting and engaging with their communities. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. A showcase of the POWER OF AUDIO and how it drives business results for advertisers.
  2. Meet AUDACY'S DYNAMIC CONTENT CREATORS across the audio spectrum and learn about their process for building trust and connection with their listeners.
  3. Hear BEST PRACTICES for break-through cross channel audio campaigns.

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Alesha Renee Actress, TV Personality, Community Leader, and Host Podsause
Big Tigger Host and Media Personality V103 (WVEE-FM) in Atlanta
Diana Anderson SVP, Group Director Network and Digital Audio Activation Carat USA
Jill Schlesinger Emmy-nominated Business Analysis and Host Jill On Money
Max Linsky Co-Founder Pineapple Street Studios, an Audacy Company
Natalia Petrzela Author, Co-Producer and Host Welcome to Your Fantasy podcast
Paul Suchman Chief Marketing Officer Audacy
Spike Eskin VP, Programming WFAN and CBS Sports Radio

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