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As streaming continues to gain momentum, balancing the need to provide scale and efficiency all the while surrounding it with premium content, has never been more important for marketers - the balancing act and trade-offs are real. Hear from ViacomCBS’ Jason Hernandez, SVP of Digital Sales, and dentsu’s Brad Stockton, SVP of US National Video Innovation, as they discuss the speed of evolution in the digital advertising space and how dentsu has redefined its approach in order to reach audiences across an increasingly complex marketplace.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to engage with consumers at scale across the media ecosystem.
  2. What’s more important -- efficiency/scale or relevant, premium content?
  3. Why a simplified, transparent buying infrastructure is critical to ensuring ad effectiveness.
  4. How Digital can effectively be used to leverage your TV buy.

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Brad Stockton SVP, US National Video Innovation dentsu
Jason Hernandez SVP, Digital Sales ViacomCBS

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