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This fall, YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing platform and National Public Media, a leader in audio advertising, came together to create their first-ever custom podcast, The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy. Join podcast host Brittany Luse and executive producers Erica Osher and Brianna LaFleur as they sit down to discuss how the project came to be, dive into the creative process and share advice for brands interested in creating their own podcast.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn about the genesis of the The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy and why YouTube chose audio to tell its stories
  2. Dive into the creative process behind building a custom podcast, and how collaboration and trust between partners is key
  3. Hear advice from Erica and Brianna for other brands interesting in creating a podcast

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Brittany Luse Host of the “The Upload: The Rise of the Creator Economy”
Brianna LaFleur Reputation Marketing YouTube
Erica Osher VP, Products & NPM Creative National Public Media

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