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In 2020 Jose Cuervo sought out to regain relevance with younger spirits drinkers by scrapping a TV-led, mass media buy in favor of a more one-to-one, engagement-minded approach. But just as we were about to kick off our first campaign, the world came screeching to a halt. And we had to solve a whole new problem: what does “engagement” even look like when everyone’s trapped at home?

Join CMO of Proximo Spirits, Lander Otegui, and CEO of Mekanism Jason Harris as they discuss how the highest selling tequila brand is using soul + science to regain relevance among young spirit drinkers in the modern era. View Less

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  1. How the highest selling tequila brand regained relevance
  2. How to find the Soul + Science of a brand
  3. What does engagement look like during a pandemic

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Jason Harris Co-Founder & CEO Mekanism
Lander Otegui CMO Proximo Spirits

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