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No one understands the value of an informed decision more than The Wall Street Journal. Join The Wall Street Journal | Barron's Group as we unveil research which dives into the B2B purchase decision journey, reveal new advertising solutions developed as a result of this research, and hear from clients who have utilized these ad products.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Unlocking the B2B Decision Journey
  2. Impact of Emotions on Decision Journey
  3. Impact of Media Exposure on Decision Journey
  4. New! Thematic targets created as a result of this research
  5. Client Spotlight: Case Studies utilizing Thematic

Presented with


Katy Brady Director, Brand and Content Activation Invesco
Pamela Jacques AVP Corporate and Experiential Marketing NETSCOUT
David Minkin VP Strategic Planning & Delivery and GM of The Exchange WSJ | Barron's Group

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Track  Data & Decisions