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Every year, the video service market gets increasingly crowded. From this vast menu of choices, consumers gravitate toward services that suit their needs, interests and price points - choosing a few bundled together and skipping the rest. But with the myriad of options, how can publishers reach their desired audiences, lure in new viewers, and retain loyal fans? Learn how TiVo’s technology and data is powering the TV in the home and out-of-the-home in automotive with the new generation of connected cars.

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  1. Capture viewership behavior with click-level interactions
  2. Understand content preferences with deterministic TV data
  3. Reduce churn with dynamic ad formats and content recommendations

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Fariba Zamaniyan Vice President, TV Data and Monetization Sales​ TiVo
Michael Jeffery Vice President, Business Development, Music & Automotive​ Xperi

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