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Join Business Dad and founder of the VC fund Seven Seven Six Alexis Ohanian as he explores the next wave in women’s health - on-demand, accessible tech - alongside two founders at the forefront of this industry. Poppy Seed Health’s Simmone Taitt and Elektra Health’s Alessandra Henderson will join Ohanian in a conversation around the tech and women’s health sector and discuss how they’re smashing the stigma around miscarriage, loss, and menopause in a time when it’s more important than ever to champion for women's health.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why this year is showing a spotlight on women’s health topics like menopause, miscarriage, and pregnancy loss support, and why companies are getting involved in the space
  2. The rising need for on-demand, accessible healthtech and how this is spurring innovation in the space
  3. How to “smash the stigma” on topics like menopause and pregnancy loss at work and at home

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Alexis Ohanian Venture Capitalist, Founder Seven Seven Six
Simmone Taitt CEO & Founder Poppy Seed Health
Alessandra Henderson Co-Founder & CEO Elektra Health

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