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In a recent survey, only 41% of consumers said they feel represented in the ads that they see. Despite extensive research and widespread acknowledgement, there has yet to be meaningful, system-wide progress towards creating more inclusive content. Michelle Klein, VP of Customer and Business Marketing at Facebook and Nicole Patterson, Principal at Deloitte, will discuss recent research that uncovers barriers to this progress and will surface actions, tools and programming to help our industry breakthrough.

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  1. Facebook commissioned Deloitte to answer: What are the barriers—within individuals, organizations, and across the marketing and advertising ecosystem—to more inclusive and representative advertising?
  2. Broad and heightened awareness around representation and inclusion may act as a macro-level barrier
  3. The research has identified five barriers to representation and inclusion in advertising: lack of industry diversity; lack of leadership direction; lack of measurement capabilities; lack of client mandates; and lack of awareness of available tools and res

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Michelle Klein VP, Global Customer & Business Marketing Facebook
Nicole Patterson Principal Deloitte

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