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The augmented reality galaxy is expanding and Snap is here to take you on a tour. Visit the newest, most vibrant stars that represent the future of AR experiences and learn how they are accelerating business right now. See how media is moving towards immersive storytelling by allowing consumers to invite brands into their world, not the other way around. Plus, Snap will announce a brand new addition to the AR ecosystem that's launching at Advertising Week!

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Learn why augmented reality is so powerful for marketers.
  2. Discover the ecosystem of augmented reality tools and resources.
  3. Get enlightened on how your brand could benefit from jumping on board the AR revolution.
  4. Experience how AR is used for communication, entertainment, discovery and commerce.
  5. Snap will announce a new addition to the AR ecosystem

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Jeremi Gorman Chief Business Officer Snap, Inc.
Jeff Miller Global Head of Creative Strategy Snap Inc.

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