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Started in a college apartment at Cornell University in early 2011, three lifelong friends and roommates created a satirical blog geared towards college students to comment on female Millennial perspectives amidst the rise of “bro” culture. Driven by observations of their female peers, Aleen Dreklser, Jordana Abraham and Sami Sage created one of the first digital native brands to exist on Instagram, Betches. Today, the company has built a community of 45M and continues to evolve and mature with its loyal audience.

During their panel discussion, co-founders Jordana and Sami will provide insight into their 10-year journey from hourly workers to CRO and CCO, how they built a female-led brand without any outside investment and their strategy in adapting the brand to fit new forms of content creation. View Less

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  1. New Media
  2. Female Entrepreneurship
  3. Content Creation
  4. Building a company with no outside investment

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Samantha Sage Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer Betches Media
Jordana Abraham Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer Betches Media
Joelle Garguilo Emmy-Winning Reporter NBC’s New York Live and Weekend TODAY Show

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Track  Future is Female