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Even with the delay of third-party cookie deprecation, marketers need to act with urgency for upcoming identity challenges. In a fragmented, cookieless world, getting holistic measurement and addressable audiences at scale is vital. See the identifiers in the bid stream today and which provide the addressability, scalability and measurability needed today. Learn how a people-based approach can provide scale outside the walled gardens and truly reach a wide variety of audiences across the ever-expanding open web.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What are the different identifiers at scale within the bid stream today
  2. How to manage omni-channel campaigns without cookies - what are the current solutions on the table, and which will help set your campaigns up for success
  3. How the household provides true measurement and can help overcome the challenges of targeting with precision without third-party cookies

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Tim Vanderhook CEO and Co-Founder Viant
Ruowen Liscio VP, Marketplace Solutions Kinesso
Shruti Tiwari Executive Director, Media Strategy & Customer Engagement Ogilvy
Ryan Joe Advertising Editor Business Insider

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Track  Advances in AdTech