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44% of consumers don’t think technology and innovations are designed for them or their needs. “Wellness for the well” needs to be a story of our past; our opportunity for the future lies in wellness for every body and mind.

From product development to audience insights and marketing communications, Healthline Media and brand leaders will discuss this seismic shift, and how they’re identifying market gaps, changing their narrative, and making decisions that create more equitable well-being for all.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Latest consumer trends reflecting wellness attitudes and actions
  2. Cross-industry perspectives on best practices for a broader audience reach
  3. Marketer applications of audience insights and market trends to drive strategy

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Deb Benovitz Global SVP Consumer Insights and Community Impact WW
Sinikiwe Dhliwayo Founder Naaya
Wilma Mae Basta Founder and Chief Executive DRK Beauty Healing
Laurie Dewan VP Brand, Insights, and Communications Healthline Media

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