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One of the hardest hit industries of the pandemic has been the travel industry, and while travel is up, continued uncertainty is predicted ahead. What’s the new mindset of the traveler and how do you continue to stir their imagination even when they might not be traveling? Learn how to fuel consumers’ love for travel and exploration, and ensure loyalty to your brand and services. So, whether they are traveling now or dreaming for the future, you can be sure to capture their share of mind and, ultimately, share of wallet.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How to capture consumers share of mind, and ultimately, share of wallet, whether they are traveling now or thinking about it for the future.
  2. How to ensure long term loyalty to your travel brand and services.
  3. How travel brands can create engaging content, strategic partnerships and the right distribution.

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Sariah Dorbin Executive Creative Director Quigley
Laurinda Rainey Managing Director, United Airlines Cobrand Cards, JP Morgan Chase JP Morgan Chase
Katie Kempner Founder, Kempner Communications, Creator and Host, "Perspectives with Katie Kempner" Kempner Communications
Luc Bondar Vice President, Marketing & Loyalty and President, MileagePlus® United Airlines

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