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Consumer expectations of relevant and personalized experiences from brands have never been higher, thanks to the rapid adoption of digital touchpoints resulting from the recent pandemic. Delivering on the promise of personalized experiences, however, has never felt more difficult to achieve, as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve with new privacy and identification technologies emerging everyday.

In this session, we will explore why personalization is still paramount for brands across all industries to succeed in a market where brand loyalty has been decimated and why some have found it so difficult to solve. View Less

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  1. The future of personalization in advertising
  2. How you can connect more authentically with your audience
  3. The future of the open web
  4. Potential ways to solve personalization

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Jim DeLash Marketing Director, Customer Experience (CX), Professional GlaxoSmithKline
Mara Greenwald Managing Director, Commerce & Biddable Media Mindshare
Ali Gwin Product Marketing Leader IBM Watson Advertising
Mordecai Principal Mordecai Inc

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Track  Brands & Marketers