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The race to space is dominating the news – from billionaire joyrides to primetime reality shows. But one mission stands far apart from the rest: Inspiration4, the first all-civilian mission to outer space, which blasted off in September for three days high above the International Space Station and raised more than 200 Million dollars for St. Jude. With so many eyes in the sky, a marketer can’t ignore the opportunity to apply their learnings from earth to space.

Join one of the astronauts from the mission alongside an accomplished group of speakers as they explore space as the next frontier in advertising, the impact of having civilian space travel right at our fingertips, and how historic moments like this mission can inspire the industry to keep innovation alive through marketing, storytelling and creativity. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The current state of the golden age of space travel
  2. Why we are at a hinge point in space exploration
  3. What is next for the future of space travel

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Brad Roth President & Partner Known
Elizabeth Gillan Director of Marketing Axiom Space
Jeffrey Kluger Editor at Large TIME
Dr. Sian Proctor Astronaut Inspiration4
Jeremy Schaap Sports Anchor/Reporter ESPN

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