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Until recently, digital advertising was missing a single guiding metric to measure top- and mid-funnel engagement.

Brands struggled to clearly understand how their messaging, positioning, and ads were truly resonating with consumers - and use those insights to consistently predict the behavior that leads to a purchase.

Alon Leibovich, Co-Founder and CEO at BrandTotal, will share real-world examples of top challenger and leading brands using brand marketing analytics, social media benchmarking and creative intelligence to optimize every stage of the buyer's journey.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Track and predict pre-click buying intent during the awareness and consideration stages.
  2. Measure engagement rate and positive consumer net sentiment to correlate top- and mid-funnel activity with bottom-funnel purchase metrics.
  3. Optimize their brand impact by finding the right balance between data and creative “spark,” and drive creative strategies to elicit the type of engagement that leads to a higher conversion rate.

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Alon Leibovich CEO and co-founder BrandTotal

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