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We all know Visa - it’s one of the most ubiquitous, most recognized brands in the world. But did you know that Visa is a brand and a business on a mission to unlock economic access? In this session, you’ll hear how Visa evolved their iconic brand, to communicate that Visa is more than a credit card. And you’ll learn how their brand platform and media strategy came together to successfully reposition Visa as a trusted engine of commerce that provides access to the global economy for everyone, everywhere.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How Visa successfully launched a multi-year transformation during a year no one expected
  2. How Visa’s media strategy leverages mass reach, key tentpole moment & sponsorships to create high impact with key audiences
  3. How Visa leaned into the power of Twitter to complement Tokyo Olympics viewership and reinforce brand values by authentically connecting with social communities

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Mary Ann Reilly Senior Vice President, Head of North America Marketing Visa Inc.
Jacqueline Willemsen Industry Manager, Financial Service Twitter

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