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When it comes to predicting the next big thing, brands all over the world turn to renowned futurist Faith Popcorn, known for foretelling market and consumer trends with an amazing 95% accuracy rate.

In this session moderated by Health Magazine EIC Amy Conway, Faith Popcorn and Canopy Growth Chief Innovation Officer Julian Cohen will discuss the ways high technology and holistic medicines are converging to shift the ways we monitor, manage, and modulate our physical wellness and mental health today and in the future.

The global pandemic has accelerated conversations - and chasms - around our believes and practices when it comes to managing our physical and mental health around the world.

In the midst of growing distrust of big pharma, health care and self-care are converging. Instead of making an appointment with a physician to receive a diagnosis and a prescription, new technologies are enabling us to monitor our own wellbeing and access services like therapy and meditation from the comfort of home. In tandem, plant-based medicines such as cannabis have been deemed essential and effective as a tool for managing a myriad of symptoms and conditions.

In this panel, Faith Popcorn and Canopy Growth Innovation Chief Julian Cohen reveal five directions that will redefine consumers' relationships with their physical and mental health, leading to new consumer needs, behaviors, and purchase patterns, and paint a picture of what a brave new world of healthcare could look like by 2035.
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What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Five emerging consumer trends for 2025
  2. How the convergence of healthcare and selfcare will influence how we self-manage and self-medicate in the future
  3. How Canopy Growth is pioneering the concept of "mood management" and developing products for this future.
  4. How cannabis microdosing can help individuals manage their mood states

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Julian Cohen Chief Innovation Officer Canopy Growth
Faith Popcorn CEO and Futurist Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve
Amy Conway Editor in Chief Health Magazine

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