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This session will feature an interview with the Chief Marketing Officer of Angi, Dhanusha Sivajee, who will discuss high-stakes rebranding, specifically Angi’s (formerly Angie’s List) recent rebrand and how to strike a delicate balance between legacy, new brand positioning and values.

This March, led by the brand marketing, product and design team, Angie’s List completed a brand and product transition to become Angi. This rebrand harnesses the powerful brand built over the past 25 years, while building a brand that can more accurately represent the product and innovations Angi offers. Angi is more than a list, it is the ultimate solution for any home needs, where you can book, pay and buy home services online and still browse pros, get project inspiration and more. Unlike many recent rebrands, the brand transition from Angie’s List to Angi also included a new domain, redesigned website, logo and a new consumer app. As Angi has been re-introduced to consumers around the country, key metrics such as brand awareness have steadily risen, a strong indication of a successful rebrand.
Moderator Joining Virtually.
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  1. How to successfully execute a rebrand
  2. Evolving a brand to align with its mission and values
  3. Balancing legacy messaging with new positioning

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Durk Barnhill Executive Director Business Development LANDOR & FITCH
Dhanusha Sivajee Chief Marketing Officer Angi

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