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2020 was an explosive year for CTV viewing and with this rapid growth, comes the need to better drive and measure the success of CTV and omnichannel campaigns. With already cookieless environments, like CTV, there needs to be a unifying source to bring together all things TV for marketers to better understand the path to purchase. Learn how the household can unify fragmented TV audiences with reach and frequency across channels and provide advanced target capabilities and advanced measurement reporting.

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  1. How the rise of CTV and importance of the household accounts for the changing media consumption patterns today
  2. Why targeting and measurement in cookieless environments, like CTV, need an identifier that’s focused on the household instead of the individual
  3. How the Viant Household ID can tie CTV and other cookieless browsers to respective conversions across devices like mobile and laptop
  4. Future considerations, including how to bring programmatic linear TV into the addressable conversation

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Chris Vanderhook COO and Co-Founder Viant
Mike Shields Founder Shields Strategic Consulting
Stuart Schwartzapfel SVP, Media Partnerships
Dan Callahan Senior Vice President of Data Strategy and Sales Innovation, Fox Ad Sales FOX Corporation

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Track  Moving TV Forward