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Today’s customer journey tends to be complex - researching products, looking at competitors, and then the actual buying experience. Yet, many ad campaigns are designed with only one stage of the funnel in mind. Implementing a Performance Branding strategy brings audience building & sales together, elevating the customer experience & driving return on ad spend.
From creative to e-commerce enablement & online/offline measurement, Kargo, MikMak & Adelaide break down the elements brands need to consider in order to get it right

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How has the customer journey changed?
  2. What new ad opportunities are there?
  3. What is performance-branding?
  4. What effect does top level metrics have on bottom level metrics?

Presented with


Conor Ryan Co-Founder & CIO StitcherAds
Harry Kargman Founder & CEO Kargo
Marc Guldimann Co-Founder & CEO Adelaide
Rachel Tipograph Founder & CEO MikMak

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Event Type Session

Track  Advances in AdTech