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When the pandemic is done disrupting the TV space, the channels will be changed… permanently. With the rise of new OTT and CTV programming and viewing patterns, we’ll surely be in a new age of dynamic, addressable streaming media, with new ways to transact on content and advertising. Join this session at Advertising Week to hear panelists discuss the new streaming era and how new ways to buy and sell ad inventory will change the game.

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  1. The rise of biddable TV inventory and strategies and solutions for advertisers to get value and ROI
  2. How viewing behavior – and marketer strategies – have and haven’t changed; the temporary or permanent shits that are changing the landscape.
  3. The role that a programmatic CTV plays in a cross-screen, omnichannel strategy.

Presented with


Nicole Scaglione VP, OTT and CTV PubMatic
John Marshall Head of North America Digital Activation HP
Ashutosh Gangwar General Manager, TV Partnerships The Trade Desk
Tim Ware Executive Director, Programmatic Ad Revenue Crackle Plus

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Track  Advances in AdTech