Concha Orvañanos

Concha was born in Mexico City in 1976.

From childhood she learned from her father, a successful entrepreneur, that business and social causes could be intimately and successfully entwined.

She obtained a Bachelors degree in Business administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and a Masters degree in marketing from the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain.

After a successful career in finance, she decided to turn her passion for the art and culture of her country and her deep rooted need to help preserve the skills and way of life of rural Mexican Artisans, into a business.

With this goal in mind, she Funded Arroz con Leche in 2002. The children’s clothing company works with artisans to incorporate in its garments hand embroidery and other ancestral techniques of Mexico. Using premium fabrications, the result is beautiful and unique product which, when purchased, creates revenue for the artisan communities ensuring the survival of their craft. There is currently four Arroz con Leche boutiques across Mexico’s major cities.

In 2011, she launched Yakampot, A womenswear brand that works, and benefits the same communities as Arroz con Leche, but also aims to preserve and evolve Mexican craftsmanship by making high end clothing that is relevant to an international, contemporary and sophisticated customer.