Jezzika Chung

Jezz Chung is a NYC-based creative currently cooking up brand campaigns and writing copy for brands like YouTube, Sonos, and Google at Anomaly. She comes to NYC from the West Coast, where she spent four years working on global advertising for Apple at Media Arts Lab in LA.

Jezz started her career in account management, helping launch TV, print, outdoor, and digital campaigns for iPhone, iPad, and Mac in over 20 markets around the world. After a series of fortunate events that began with a Beyoncé music video remake shot on her iPhone, Jezz shifted her role into the creative space. She went on to create work for the Cannes Grand Prix-winning Shot on iPhone campaign, including the “Human Family” film that premiered during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics. She’s also worked on campaigns for iPad Pro, Apple Watch, Apple Music, and more.

Jezz is committed to championing inclusion in advertising and media, and has been recognized by the AAF, the 4A’s, ADCOLOR, and HP as a rising talent in her field. In 2017, she was honored with the title of Ms. Adcolor and was named one of "100 People Who Make Advertising Great" by the 4A's. She’s been featured in Adweek and Campaign Live, and her writing has been published in Huffington Post.

She leads a triple life as a hip hop dancer and Korean BBQ connoisseur.