Lauren Nagel

Creating sonic identities and inspiring 90-year-old iconic brands such as General Mills to innovate messaging through the power of sound is just one of the outstanding and creative acts by Lauren Nagel, Pandora’s VP, Executive Creative Director. Responsible for a multi-disciplinary team including more than 200 voice actors, Lauren has been a critical player in establishing (she was the first creative on the audio operations team) and growing (she hired and developed the entire 45-person audio and design team) the largest music streaming service’s Audio Creative Studio—an in-house lab responsible for creating more than 2,000 custom ads each month for 4,000+ clients like General Mills, California Closets and Audible. Last year alone, Lauren helped produce and creatively direct over 26,000 audio ads and 8,000 visual assets.

For centuries, sound has been one of the most powerful creative platforms. A single sound has the ability to inspire an emotion, evoke a physical reaction, and create meaning. Lauren Nagel can share insight into Pandora’s unique perspective into the power of audio called the Six Dimensions of Sound, in which she can breakdown each dimension and its impact on the physiological, emotional and cognitive.