Claire Fanning

Bridging evolving advertiser needs with up and coming innovative platforms has been Claire Fanning’s area of focus throughout her career. With a decade of diverse agency history creating digital strategies for high profile brands prior to joining Pandora, Claire brings the deep seeded need of finding solutions to top brand challenges in a way that scales across Pandora’s continually evolving platform. As VP of Ad Innovation Strategy at Pandora, Claire considers key market trends and requirements and lends them to proprietary ad product initiatives, ensuring seamless go-to-market offerings that solve industry-wide challenges for advertisers. As audio consumption trends shift towards smart speakers and an influx of
spoken word content, Claire is laser focused on helping brands solve the challenge of building an audio strategy, one that takes advantage of personalization levers in the audio space, as well as considers the right type of creative for new mediums. With a strong strategy, a well-honed approach to audio measurement is also crucial. Claire’s work has aimed to push the boundaries of audio measurement in a space that has room to catch up to its visual counterparts. Taking a consultative approach to today’s
problems, Claire aims to assist marketers and Pandora in the evolving audio world and beyond.