Len Jordan

Len is a managing director at Madrona Venture Group, the largest VC in the Pacific Northwest with more than $1.6 billion under management. He makes investments in early stage technology companies in the digital media and advertising industry, as well as consumer services and IOT. Current investments in the digital media and advertising industries include iSpot.tv and Opal Labs. He is particularly interested in the challenge of omnichannel sales and customer relationships in the age of mobile and bricks and mortar. Previous investments include Bizible (acquired by Marketo), Control4(Nasdaq: CTRL), Maxpoint (acquired by Harland Clarke Holdings.) Len holds regular CMO breakfasts in Seattle attended by some of the largest companies in the region and beyond.

Len has served on the boards of 17 early stage companies. Len served on the private and then public board of Control4, a company he worked with for 11 years as it grew from pre-product to later stage to going public. Prior to joining the venture world, Len was a successful software executive, serving as president of Creative Multimedia, a CD-ROM creator and SVP at RealNetworks where he managed the Media Systems Division from 1997-1999, releasing four major versions of the RealSystem software platform and generating the majority of the company's 100%+ annual revenue growth during the period.