Donnetta Campbell

Peer-to-peer influencer and social ecosystem architect, Donnetta Campbell offers clients strategic and influential reach into key social networks. She has fueled unparalleled social positioning for more than 500 global leaders and top influencers at multinational brands including: Microsoft, Google, SONY, Microsoft, AON, AT&T, Mozilla, Creative Spirit, Tribeca Enterprises, Interbrand, EY, PwC, IKEA and NASDAQ. Through her agency's innovative social model, she has - since 2014 - generated more than 9 billion hashtag impressions for over 800 business and personal brands, social media campaigns and 450 events.

She also provides customized educational workshops and was chosen to deliver a "Master Class” lecture - "Transforming Corporate Marketing: How Peer-to-Peer Social Influencer Models Can Drive Winning Corporate Brands.” She is currently curating a Social Leadership Series for Harvard University NYC Women’s Alumni Group and AEN Networks. She has spoken at Oxford University's SIAD Business School, the United Nations, Georgetown University, Advertising Week 2017, Social Media Week, Content Council and SMWeekend. She also speaks at Innovation Enterprise Brand and Strategy Sessions globally.

Donnetta, a passionate advocate of #SocialLeadership, is expanding her global "people engine" ecosystems and building social impact models for such global brands as SAP, AEN Networks, Sony, Bloomberg, and the Harry Walker Speaking Agency to name just a few. Her groundbreaking thinking as a social architect in building the #SocialHR Leadership model for Top100 brands and is igniting a global community build of employee champions.