Paul Longo

Paul Longo serves as Head of Agency Development, North America at Microsoft, leading a team that empowers the largest advertising agencies and their clients to reach maximum potential through search and native advertising on the Bing Ads platform.

A Microsoft "Boomerang," Paul returned after serving as Managing Director at Accordant Media, where he oversaw a client-results team responsible for selling, implementing and optimizing advanced programmatic media solutions. Paul is also a Publicis alum. He spent four+ years at MediaVest as SVP, Performance Media & Programmatic, where he led performance capability and launched their first programmatic media task force. In his first tour at Microsoft, Paul led the East Coast Search sales/services team, playing a key role in taking Bing Ads to market and scaling the Microsoft Search Media services division.

Paul is a frequent industry speaker on the topics of media, technology and AI, where he brings a unique perspective from his experiences on the agency, publisher and client side. He is an active champion of a Diverse & Inclusive advertising workplace and is a volunteer with both the COOP and All Stars Project organizations.