Bob Lord

Bob Lord, is IBM's first Chief Digital Officer where he is now missioned with bringing together the IBM Digital Business Group. He is responsible for overseeing the Digital Sales organization, Digital Marketing, Routes to Market and Offering teams, and IBM's Ecosystem and Startup group.

Bob has had an incredible career and brings a wealth of technical and marketing experience to the role as IBM Chief Digital Officer. He held leadership roles at Razorfish, one of the early web design and digital agencies, helping them manage through the internet bubble and ultimately rising to be the Global CEO. During this time, he honed his understanding and vision for the convergence of marketing and technology.

In 2013, Bob joined AOL as CEO of its flagship technology group, AOL Platforms - used by over 2,500 brands and agencies and over 40,000 publishers rely on to drive convergence. From January 2015 through January 2016, Bob served as President of AOL, overseeing the Company's unified global advertising operations.

Bob holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS in engineering from Syracuse University. He's authored a book, titled Converge, which you can find on Amazon, in which he shares his unique perspective about the intersection of technology and marketing.