Susanna Wolff

Susanna Wolff is the Editor-in-Chief of In this role Wolff is responsible for overseeing and directing all editorial content of, as well as maintaining the overall tone of the site. She began her career at CollegeHumor in 2007, first serving as an Editorial Intern while a student at Columbia University. Wolff joined the staff full time in 2010 as Articles Editor and quickly rose through the ranks to her most recent position as Managing Editor of the site. Over the years, Wolff has written more than 500 articles for CollegeHumor, including the hit article “Facebook News Feed History of the World,” in which she translated the entire history of the world into the style of Facebook News Feeds. She also contributed to and co-edited CollegeHumor: The Website. The Book., and has authored articles that have appeared in The New York Times and the New Yorker.