Bart Heird

Bart is new to Merkle, but a veteran of digital media. Most recently he worked with AIMIA, the Loyalty Management agency, where he managed the creative work for the business & customer loyalty clients in the Minneapolis office, led a UI team in London for AIMIA’s latest loyalty platform, and was an active advocate for digital change.

He also worked for over ten years as a member of JWT Chicago, where he helped build its digital practice. In that time he created digital solutions for multiple brands; Kit Kat Global, the US Marine Corps, Oscar Mayer, Unilever, Dreyer’s Ice Cream, FEMA/NFIP, Kraft Foods, Blockbuster Video, Northwestern Mutual, HSBC, Illinois Bureau of Tourism, and Nestlé among them.

He is an active social media participant, an unrepentant nerd, a voracious gamer and has more stories than you’ll have time to hear (but he’s certainly willing to tell them).