Diego Plaza

Currently General Director of FCO Group, a group of multi agencies that offer a high level of specialization in the face of the different needs of marketing, creation and strategy while allowing, in one place, to develop a comprehensive solution that provides greater efficiency in time and investment.

At the same time, he is responsible for brands with great relevance in Mexico and LATAM, such as the Eliot Awards, Eliot Academy, Eliot Channel, print media such as Líderes Mexicanos magazine, Latino Leaders and soon a new program on Foro TV.

He has been the producer and director of the most exclusive events in fashion, culture and entertainment, such as the ballet gala Despertares, the fashion event NookMx, and the musical reality show Cover Story. He has more than 16 years of experience in the marketing area and has been interviewed in national media such as NEO Magazine, El Reforma, Carlos Loret de Mola Noticiero, Martha Debayle, Joaquín López Doriga, Exa and Universal, among others.