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We live a large part of our lives on digital platforms and, as consumers, we expect brands to organically integrate into that experience.

To grow, you must empathize more with the consumer: know their values, how to approach them, what interests them the most and why. It is not a target to impact or interrupt, but a person to talk to. It is not a quick sale, but a lasting relationship. We talk about sustainable growth, and that is achieved with sustainable communication

Understanding the new consumer from empathy becomes key to generating lasting and sustainable growth; growth that builds in the long term from shared values that allow us to better connect with them and generate a positive impact, more transparency, more authenticity and more action.

It is this philosophy, transformed into a value proposition, that we will address in this talk, where Mindshare and HBOMax will share a little about their point of view regarding this transformation. View Less

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Cristina Galán CEO Latin America Mindshare
Diego Luis Marketing Director Warner Bros. Discovery

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