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The future of people-based marketing in Latin America is here. Join Retargetly Co-Founder and CEO, Daniel Czaplinski, and Epsilon EVP of Global Data Partnerships, Kate Sirkin, as they discuss what the acquisition of Retargetly means for brands and consumers across Latin America and how the two companies will work together to better reach people with relevant messages and ads across the open web.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How the combined power of Epsilon and Retargetly increases brands’ people-based marketing capabilities in Latin America.
  2. The role of Epsilon and its global leadership position.
  3. How Retargetly intends on continue to work with all agencies and brands in the region.

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Daniel Czaplinski CEO and Co-Founder Retargetly
Kate Sirkin EVP, Global Data Partnerships Epsilon

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Event Type Session

Track  Data & Decisions