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Today’s digital advertising market looks remarkably different amid shifting trends, from the acceleration of video, to targeting migrating toward data sources, to the deprecation of the third-party cookie and beyond.

We’re on the verge of a true digital advertising revolution — one in which buyers have greater control over their inventory to drive superior performance. A key pillar of this revolution is supply path optimization (SPO). As buyers look to optimize ad spend through SPO, activating data on the sell-side will position them for continued success in 2023 and beyond.

In this session, Alex Burkard, Senior Account Executive, Advertiser Solutions at PubMatic, will discuss the importance of sell-side targeting for buyers and sellers, touching on the evolution of SPO and how all sides can come together to create a stronger, sustainable and privacy-safe advertising ecosystem.

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Sebastián Patrón Director Advertising Week LATAM
Alex Burkard Senior Account Executive, Advertiser Solutions PubMatic

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