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Join Alejandro Ventura, International Business Development Manager at Shutterstock, and Juan José Artero, CEO of Hitsbook, to dive into UGC, the phenomena that exploded in the last couple of years and learn how this unconventional resource is rapidly evolving to help brands connect with audiences with speed, breadth, authenticity and safety.

UGC is particularly well-suited to times of crisis, and millions of people around the world are increasingly looking for inspiring, uplifting and directly relatable content that acknowledges and nods to the situation that we have found ourselves in. When done right, it is a powerful storytelling tool, it provides something meaningful to the target audience as it’s relevant and true-to-life. Learn how to add this skill to your arsenal in a way that is authentic yet impactful. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. The basics of UGC.
  2. Benefits and attention points of UGC.
  3. Technology and partnerships to scale with safety.

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Alejandro Ventura International Business Development Manager Shutterstock
Juan José Artero CEO Hitsbook Group

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