Elena Brito

Elena Brito is a human resources specialist with a focus in talent attraction and development. She has worked for both multinational and national companies. Elena has experience in London, New York and Mexico, which has allowed her a greater and better understanding and knowledge of the different industries and their needs for talent development.
She is currently the Director of Brightpeople, a company focused on talent development for both individuals and companies. Through strategies and techniques of self-knowledge, she guides people to find their dream job and grow professionally, helping them to take control of their professional development.
Elena is a passionate coach who leads her clients to find their ideal activities through a personal action plan. She has been instrumental in helping companies evaluate their staff, to ensure they have the ideal person for each position, as well as designing development plans based in a philosophy of their strengths. She has also given outplacement coaching to executives of diverse levels, supporting them in their professional transition, both in the corporate world and in the projects they want to undertake.
With more than 16 years of experience in Human Resources, especially in Recruitment and Selection in multinational companies, as well as in a multi-industry headhunting offices, Elena has a master's degree in Human Resources and a post-master's degree in Organizational Change, both by The New School in New York. In the last 3 years, Elena has helped more than 500 people find their professional development in the corporate world or undertake their personal projects, through their passions, communicating their strengths, identifying their differentiators and teaching them how to communicate it.