Marina Filippelli

With roots from Mexico and Argentina, Marina is driven by her passion for communications and the Latinx community. This is her second time working at Orcí, having started her career there before moving on to other like-minded, independent agencies like Zubi Advertising and Conexión, and working with a wonderful range of clients along the way, including American Airlines, Lincoln Mercury, GE Financial, M&M/Mars, Aflac, Allstate, MoneyGram and Bank of the West, among others. A film lover by blood, she also took some time away from the agency world to work on an array of award-winning, multi-million dollar productions as well as independent and Oscar-winning box-office successes.
Most recently, she headed up the multicultural division of the independent creative agency Heat in San Francisco. This is Marina's second tour at Orcí, managing the Honda & Acura brands. She is a graduate of the University of Miami with a specialty in International Studies.