Chumel Torres

Originally from the state of Chihuahua, José Manuel "Chumel" Torres has transformed the political and social debate in Mexico, becoming a benchmark for political analysis and research, thanks to his particular sarcastic and uncensored style.

A tweet criticizing AMLO, which he published in 2012, was the trigger that propelled his career as tweetstar and youtuber taking him from social networks to HBO screens.

He studied mechanical engineering and worked for several years in a maquila, wanting to achieve success as a manager of a large company; However, he always had the concern to generate some type of content that he would like to consume. It was on the social platform - Twitter - where he initially found the ideal medium to do so. Twitter was followed by a column in the digital newspaper ADN Político, which subsequently raised concerns about launching its own YouTube channel.

With videos that are published twice a week, and inspired by an interview by Andrés Bustamante with his character "Ponchito" making jokes with Sub Comandante Marcos, the political satire news program "El Pulso de la República" has reached more than 2.3 million subscribers.

Today, Chumel has reached his dream of presenting a television program in the style of American comedians like John Oliver and Jon Stewart. Chumel with Chumel Torres, currently in its fourth season, is a new type of opinion and analysis program, with a unique format in Mexico and Latin America, in which every Friday Chumel addresses a relevant topic on the political and social events of the region.